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Many people who try to do appliance repair turn to resources like the Internet or Youtube to discover do-it-yourself (DIY) videos to repair home appliances in Toronto like gas and electric stoves, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, and many more.

Yet, there’s a good chance that you will end up costing yourself more money when repairing your home appliances in Ontario. Not only do you need to discover the right equipment and the right part, but the repairing costs (especially time) can add up to nearly the same price as you would pay for a top appliance repair company in Toronto to come to make the repairs in half of the time. That is why we specialize in repairing broken appliances, but the truth is that many of the most common problems can be efficiently controlled.

The cordial and helpful appliance repair team like 911 Appliance Repair in Toronto is now proceeding to answer your top 10 questions about appliance repair and instruct you when one of your appliances malfunctions or fails.

Question1: The oven light stays on, and the oven won’t heat up. What is the problem?

The first step to fixing the issue is to reset your oven. If it is a wall-mounted oven, you should turn off the power to the oven at the circuit breaker and leave the power off for 15-20 minutes. Wait for 10 minutes after fixing the power to try the oven.

If it is still not functioning, make a note of any error codes that may be on the display. Several probable issues would drive your oven to stop functioning after running a self-cleaning process. It could be an issue with a thermistor, the power panel, or the heating parts.

Unfortunately, self-cleaning processes are one of the most common causes of oven repair service demands. Although it is a prevalent feature, many ovens cannot resist high temperatures for such a sustained duration. For regular oven maintenance, we generally suggest cleaning using a non-abrasive cleanser rather.

If there are no errors or defect codes and the oven is still not functioning, we suggest contacting an appliance repair service in Toronto for assistance. They will be capable of checking for defective parts.

Question2: How Better Can I Make My Dishwasher Clean?

To initiate, always read your user’s manual for their suggestions. We may not always agree, but it is a satisfactory place to start!

Do you have hard water? A right way to tell is if you see a white precipitate buildup in your dishwasher or near your water taps. Those are mineral residues from hard water. If you have hard water, you definitely must use an additive in the mix with your ordinary soap. Nevertheless, if you have a water softener in your home, use a little less detergent, as it cultivates to foam more.

How hot is the water out of your sink? Your water temperature will make a huge difference in how well your unit cleans. Typically, your water temperature should be around 140 degrees. Always run your water at the sink until it is hot prior to initiating the dishwasher appliance. Trust me, it will make a discrepancy.

Question3: Why Does The Ice From My Fridge Smelly And Tastes So Bad?

Recognize refrigerator ice is also impacted by your water filter. It comes from the exact source. So, if your ice evolves smelly, dirty, or has little floaties, it is time to change that filter!

Question4: Should I fix or replace my existing household appliance?

If you are comparing having your existing appliance fixed or replacing it with a machine that is similar in price to what you paid for your appliance 10-12 or so years ago, you will not be creating a valid comparison. The equipment is neither identical in quality nor durability for the exact price. If you were to simply replace your existing household appliance with one that costs about what you expended a decade ago, you’ll be fixing or junking the new appliance every 3-4 years. You’ll either have to spend more upfront for a new, high-quality appliance that will give you another 10 years of trouble-free function or you pay less upfront for a low-end machine and then pay-as-you-go for repairs.

Question5: Why does my oven light glow like it is burning, even when it is not heating? Do I need my oven repaired?

The light is caused by a “glow-bar” igniter that is used to ignite the gas in your oven. It glows as it is heating up, but unless it gets the proper temperature, the gas valve will not spread and the gas will not ignite. Thus, your oven will not heat up. If your igniter is not heating up to the accurate temperature, you may need to replace it.

Question6: New Freezer Doesn’t close properly. Is there any suggestion I can do to improve this?

The foremost thing you want to do is make sure that the space around the door is clear so it can close. Offload the freezer and shut the door. If you no longer feel cold air exiting from the around-the-door seal, the freezer may be too full, or the things may need to be reorganized so that they do not put force on the door. Always keep heavier items in the freezer compartment rather than on the door shelves. Open and close the door carefully. If you sense or hear any catches or scraping, the cabinet may not have the clearance for your freezer model. If this is the issue, you may want to exchange your freezer for a smaller unit or extend the cabinet.

Subsequently, assure the rubber door seal did not get damaged when the freezer was lodged. The rubber door seal is an elastic gasket stuck to the freezer door that supports keeping the cold inside the compartment. Review for slashes, rips, or indications of wear. Replace the gasket if it is damaged. If the gasket is not the problem, it is a sure thing that the freezer is not level.

Question7: Why does my stove make a clicking sound?

Usually, when you first turn on your stove, you hear a clicking sound. This simply indicates that the electric lighter is endeavouring to ignite the burner. If the burner does not burn at all, there probably has been a gas failure or a crisis with the gas line connection.

The lighter will click when you attempt to ignite the burner. This may indicate a risky gas leak or a clogged gas valve. Weird clicking noises coming from the gas valve may also be an indication of inadequate voltage. A faulty gas meter or thermostat could be the cause.

Question8: What should I need to do if my dryer stops functioning?

You just need to unplug the dryer and view for continuity in the particular thermal fuse. If the multimeter indicates no continuity, replace the thermal fuse. Examine the exhaust venthole, since a clog in the vent is probably what caused the thermal fuse to explode. An impaired push-to-start switch on a dryer with a dial timer might prevent the machine from starting.

Question9: Is microwave radiation dangerous?

Microwaves do not expose people to microwave radiation while they are operating perfectly. Several protection mechanisms are incorporated in microwaves to control energy from leaving the equipment while it is in process. If there is a danger that microwave radiation may run due to damage or failure, the microwave’s safety precautions will fastly close it off!!

Question10: What Are a few unknown Dryer Safety Tips?

Do not dry any rags that have kept contact with an explosive liquid. The chemicals may not have been released in the wash cycle and can ignite in the dryer. And, if you have an older home, have an assessment. Your venting may not be too code and a blaze risk. It must be replaced!

These easy steps can make a distinction in the protection and safety of your family. Call us today if we can deliver assistance or request service right here online!


Above we have compiled 10 of the most common questions we obtain from our customers. The trained and experienced appliance repair professionals at 911 appliance repair care about quality and honesty. We will create cheap appliance repair costs in Toronto that you can trust. We are pleased to serve our neighbours in beautiful Ontario, Toronto. Call or click our sociable, generous team today!

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