Are Looking for professional appliance repair technicians in Newmarket?  911 Is the Perfect place for you!

We have been in the industry for over years and over many years of expertise in the industry. We pride ourselves on our increased appliance repair customer service in Newmarket and rather than informing you that you have to be home all day, we function around you and book a time that fits you. 911 is all about making sure that we are on duration and repair your appliance at your comfort and ensure that you’re up and operating in no time.
One of our biggest repairing matters is that it serves at the cheapest costs for all appliances so if our technicians reach late in hours you do not cost more than that. So you know you’re not being overcharged – 911 appliance repair assistance. We also give you the possibility of a guarantee on any appliance repair. For your convenience, we have 24-hour booking assistance. We also give you a turn call within a few mins earlier. We reach out so if you’re out and around you can make your way home.

Professionalism and Cordiality are the heart of our business

At 911 appliance repair in Newmarket, we are experienced in fixing a range of different devices such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, and stoves. Our company is to make sure that we reach on time to give you the best service experience. Professionalism and cordiality are the heart of our family business. We comprehend how important it is to both know our job, and the tools we service, and also to know our consumers and comprehend their requirements.
We hold a family-friendly way to our professionalism in repairing appliances. We live and work in Newmarket, CA. We fix or service the significant appliances in your kitchen and laundry. A number of leading trademarks have used us as their Assistance Agents. Our aim is based on years of fulfilling and surpassing our customers’ expectations.
911 is the superior Appliance Repair company in Newmarket. Our main objective is to get your appliances properly functioning. Only if the price of repairs is too much for the product. We recommend to all the customers replacing the APPLIANCE.


1. 911 best appliance repair company in Newmarket is to make sure we are on time and fix your appliance at your amenity and assure that you’re up and handling it in no duration.
2. We help in repairing Ovens, stoves, Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Clothes Dryers and Refrigerators. We fix all the significant appliances in your Kitchen and Laundry. We are proud of ourselves as happy customers and doing a good job. Our principle of the job we do is our clients. Our priority for our skills is continuous training and professional growth in the products we sustain.
3. 911 Appliance Repairs in Newmarket has the right name built on word of mouth. We have many happy customers who tell their buddies. We value repeat customers.
4. Call us anytime, 7 days a week to organize a visit by one of our participating service technicians. Our home appliance repair team in NEWMARKET is willing to visit you urgently, whenever the necessity appears.
5. Our technicians reach with a variety of elements, so sometimes Appliance-Repairs can be accomplished and finished on the first visit.
6. We employ genuine and compatible parts and utilize the most useful practices when fixing and servicing your Appliance. We are also dedicated to safety and follow industry safety standards and conditions.
7. We strive to achieve maximum happiness for our clients from your very first call, right through to completing the repair and beyond. Our workers are professional, warm and obedient when visiting your home.

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