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Are you looking for reliable appliance repair in Oakville? Look no further! We fix all major appliance brands, including refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, and more. Our certified and insured technicians are experts in diagnosing and repairing problems quickly and efficiently. Since we know how important it is to have working appliances, we offer same-day service whenever possible.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Fast and Reliable Repair: A broken appliance can be a big hassle. Therefore, we prioritize fast response times and efficient repairs to get your appliances back up and running quickly.

Upfront Pricing: We believe in transparency. You will receive a clear estimate before any work begins, with no hidden fees.

Qualified Technicians: Our Oakville appliance repair technicians are fully licensed and insured, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Common Appliance Issues We Service & Repair

Modern appliances make life easier. However, when they break, it can be a real headache. Here are some common signs that your appliance might need repair, so you can get it fixed quickly and get back to your routine.


  • Poor Cooling: If your refrigerator doesn’t stay cold, food will spoil quickly.
  • Heavy Ice Accumulation: Excessive ice in the freezer or around the coils.
  • Odd Sounds: Buzzing, humming, or knocking noises from the fridge.
  • Water Leakage: Water collecting under or near the refrigerator.
  • Ice Maker Problems: The ice maker produces too much ice or none at all.

Washing Machines:

  • Water Leaks: Water spills onto the floor around the washer.
  • Loud Noises: Strong banging or whirring sounds during cycles.
  • Ineffective Cleaning: Clothes remain stained or smelly after washing.
  • Strong Vibrations: Intense vibrations while the washer is running.
  • Failure to Start: The washer won’t turn on.


  • Extended Drying Times: Clothes are still damp after a drying cycle.
  • Overheating: The dryer gets very hot and emits a burning smell.
  • Strange Noises: Squeaking, thumping, or grinding noises.
  • Dryer Not Starting: The dryer won’t turn on.
  • No Heating: Clothes do not dry due to a lack of heat.


  • Poor Cleaning: Dishes remain dirty, spotty, or streaky after washing.
  • Water Stays Inside: Water doesn’t drain out after washing.
  • Leakage Issues: Water leaks from underneath the dishwasher.
  • Noisy Operation: Grinding, humming, or buzzing noises.
  • Door Latch Issues: The door doesn’t shut or lock correctly.


  • Uneven Cooking: Food does not cook evenly.
  • Temperature Issues: Inconsistent oven temperature.
  • Self-Cleaning Malfunction: The self-cleaning function doesn’t work properly.
  • Control Panel Issues: Buttons or display aren’t functioning.
  • Door Malfunctions: The oven door won’t close or seal correctly.


  • Ignition Failure: Burners won’t light up.
  • Temperature Problems: Difficulty adjusting the heat level on burners.
  • Physical Damage: Cracked glass or damaged coils.
  • Intermittent Heating: Burners occasionally stop working or heat poorly.
  • Gas Odor: Smell of gas when the cooktop is in use.


  • Not Heating: The microwave runs but doesn’t heat food.
  • Sparking: Electrical sparks occur inside while running.
  • Turntable Issues: The internal rotating plate doesn’t spin.
  • Door Problems: The microwave door won’t open or close properly.
  • Weird Noises: Loud buzzing or humming sounds.

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Need a broken appliance fixed fast? 911 Appliance Repair Services can help! We’ll get your washer, dryer, or oven working again in no time.

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Our experienced technicians are dedicated to fixing your appliances right the first time.

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Our experienced technicians are dedicated to fixing your appliances right the first time.

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We understand the inconvenience of a broken appliance. That’s why we offer quick response times and reliable repairs.

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We offer competitive pricing for our appliance repair services in Oakville.

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911 Appliance Repair Service is your go-to destination for the best appliance repair services in Oakville. Our mission is to fix your home appliances quickly and effectively. We stand out in Oakville for our outstanding customer service and professional appliance restoration. Whether it’s for your home or business, we ensure everything runs smoothly by providing the best appliance repair experience in Oakville.

Our Services:

Expert Technicians: Our appliance technicians are skilled in fixing all major brands. No matter what appliance you have, we can repair it.

Residential and Commercial Repairs: We offer help for both homes and businesses. This includes specialized services like commercial refrigeration repairs.

Affordable and Reliable: Looking for affordable and reliable repair services? You’re in the right place!

We offer years of experience in appliance repair in Oakville. We are licensed and certified, so you can trust us to work on your appliances safely. We use genuine parts and components guaranteed by the manufacturer or distributor.

For reliable appliance repair in Oakville, contact 911 Appliance Repair Service today!

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We repair all major brands, including Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Maytag, GE and many more.

Most repairs are completed on the same day, depending on the complexity and parts required.

Yes, we provide a 90-day warranty on all repairs done by our company to ensure your peace of mind.

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