the dishwasher is necessary in today's life

A repair is often cheaper & faster than a replacement. So save money today and choose our great repair service.

We treat every problem as urgent and deal with every enquiry immediately, just one call to one of our dedicated team and we will get your dishwasher repaired in no time at all. Whether it is for your home of business we minimize the disruption of a broken down dishwasher.

dishwasher repair and installation in toronto & gta

Contact us for the following issues:

  • No power
  • Shows error codes
  • Stops mid-cycle
  • Door seal ripped
  • Trips electric
  • Not washing properly
  • Not filling
  • Not draining
  • Noisy
  • Door not opening
  • Not starting

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Don't replace, repair, you can save $$$

dishwasher repair

The Dishwasher is a necessary in today’s life. We understand how important it is to have it in a perfect and effective condition. Our engineers are trained to do repairs and full service for all dishwashers.

Guaranteed repairs

Whether you have a dishwasher which is not draining, is not completing it’s cycle, or something else, our knowledge and close and direct relationship with manufacturers means we are best placed to get your appliance back up and running quick!

affordable repairs

Affordable and fast repairs for all makes and brands. There are no extra fees for evening and weekend repairs. The price we quote you get with a working dishwasher up and running!

we can fix any dishwasher guaranteed

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