Sep 10, 2022

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Your commercial freezer system is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen. As an outcome, it can be challenging to decide whether to replace the equipment or repair it when something goes wrong. To make it easier for you, here is the expert’s advice & a few things to consider that will help you make the right decision.

Your products and stock are dependent on it, as it maintains your daily operations running successfully. The commercial freezer repair in Toronto can keep your freezer operating smoothly, while you’re engaged in growing your food industry.

Factors to Consider While Thinking of Repairing or Replacing Your Commercial Freezers

Repairing or replacing your commercial freezer isn’t always an obvious choice. With multiple factors, you need to consider, it’s always in your best curiosity to trust our expert commercial appliance repair in Toronto. As with any part of your commercial freezing system, regular maintenance can extend the life of your commercial freezer by years. Nevertheless, making the earlier choice of replacing your freezer can also add numerous advantages to your business.

● The budget
● Time-factor and Hassle
● The threat of using automated freezers
● Disposal
● Availability of the latest freezer parts
● Regular freezer maintenance
● Electricity consumption
● Frequency to opt for repairs

Cut Off The Confusion About Repair or Replace Commercial Freezers

If you have been confused about whether to repair or replace your commercial freezer, we have some expert advice you should consider to support your decision.

One very significant factor in choosing to repair or replace your freezer is its age. Anything over 10-12 years old demands to be upgraded. Once a freezer has reached that age, it no longer works as efficiently as it used to, and purchasing a new one will save you time and money.

If you’re having issues with your freezer system and it’s over 10-12 years old, it’s time to replace it. Anything younger than that and you should think of repairing.

If your commercial freezer is triggering to break down, look at the cost of replacing it. There’s no liability in calling for a quote; just make sure you have your model number and serial number prepared for speedier service.

Once you discover how much it will cost to repair your equipment, look up the replacement price. If the cost is over half of the replacement price, go on and replace it. If not, find out what requires to be done to repair it.

A quality freezer can always maintain temperatures between thirty-six and thirty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. If you detect that the temperature is continually fluctuating, this is a signal that you’ve got trouble, particularly if the machine is not able to maintain temperatures below forty degrees. The culprit could be an impaired joint panel, hinges that have become worn out, or faulty door gaskets. All these problems will cause cold air to escape which over time will vandalise the compressor.

Several components impact the temperature of your freezer or refrigerator. Once you’ve supervised those out, if it’s still not remaining where you want it, it’s time to replace it.

Calling a repair person to come out and analyse your freezer will tell you whether or not it can be repaired. Just don’t wait too long because eventually it will give out completely and you’ll be chucking everything away, losing all of the food you hold in the freezer and potentially hundreds of bucks in replacement meals.

Periodically, performance may not be noticeably impacted, but the freezer requires higher energy to function. Generally, this is connected to the necessity to cleanse out the evaporator coil and condenser coil. Cleansing out fans and de-icing can also help with a commercial freezer. High energy use can point to essential care that’s being overlooked, but it rarely signifies the system requires to be replaced.

How regularly has your commercial freezer received regular maintenance checks? If the response is very regularly, then a repair should be sufficient. If your response is never, then it’s a moment for a replacement.

You should do preventative maintenance monthly and semi-annually. Every month you must review for defrosting in the evaporator coil. Every five months you should be pulling electrical connections, checking motors and blades, cleansing the drain pan, checking the control system, checking the defrosting controls and insulation, cleaning the condenser coils and compressing all of the caps and screws. If this work gets overwhelming, you can contact and set up a regular maintenance schedule with the freezer professionals.

When clearing out the confusion of whether to replace or to repair, consider the period of your appliance, the cost of repair vs replacement, the temperature consistency of your system, the amount of energy utilised and the frequency of your preventative maintenance. Once you have figured out all of these elements in the equation, the decision is an easy one.

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace Your Commercial freezer?

A new refrigerator can be costly, especially those which are designed for commercial installations. As a result, many business owners are drawn to fixing their existing commercial freezers to save money. There are several reasons why this is a bad idea.

First, if the repairs aren’t done perfectly, the freezer won’t work at its full power, and can unexpectedly break down without warning, causing the food and produce you have in stock to be wasted. This can significantly inhibit your capacity to operate your business and can even sabotage friendliness with your customers.

Also, when you think about the initial repair costs for repairing an ageing freezer integrated with the dull performance of energy efficiency in comparison to the latest models, over the long run purchasing a brand new commercial freezer will save you more money.

Energy efficiency is critically necessary, particularly for those that serve large facilities. The more freezers you have in a provided space, the more energy they will use, and your energy bills will go increase consequently. So as a business owner it is in your finest interest to purchase freezers which are as energy efficient as feasible so that you can minimize your monthly power costs. Any freezers or refrigerators you own which are older than 10-12 years, even if they are still working, are likely to increase your energy costs higher than required.

Concluding Views
Did you know commercial freezers are one of the most costly kitchen equipment? As much as they are high-priced to buy and install, they are expensive to repair or replace. Thus, it takes tremendous thought before you finally dump this heavy investment. Reportedly, once this freezer turns ten years old, it stops functioning efficiently. That’s when either you need to repair or fully replace it. But, both are not the option simultaneously. Thus, understand when to fix the existing cooler or buy a new one via this blog.

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