Aug 27, 2022

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You know what, your refrigerator is one of the vital appliances in your precious home. You must keep your food fresh and conserved, so it’s necessary to be conscious of common refrigerator problems you may conduct into so that you can keep it working properly. Some common refrigerator problems and solutions you’ll run into you may be able to fix yourself; others, you’ll call an experienced professional to come out and take care of.

When your fridge is not working appropriately, it can put a lot of stress on your daily home life. Just the belief of having all the products in your refrigerator going poor is terrible. A refrigerator giving issue is a widespread happening as they go through a lot of wear and tear. Nevertheless, such issues or problems are more common than others.

Below we are mentioning the common refrigerator problems & myths that you can understand if it needs a little tweak that you can control or a major repair that demands expert intervention.

What are the common refrigerator problems?

1. Leaking of Water On The Kitchen Floor
The most probable and the most common issue can be seen in refrigerators all over and the one you can notice very quickly. But with a fortunate reason, this may not be a major issue, and you would be capable of fixing it without calling a specialist. Only two major causes can generate your refrigerator to leak water on your kitchen floor most of the time. The first one is a clogged defrost drain. On most refrigerators, the drain is seen on the back wall of the freezer above that slope that goes from the floor to the back.

The drain can get blocked with little pieces of food or waste that found their way to the drain hose, resulting in ice buildup. As a consequence of the drain hose getting clogged, your fridge will begin leaking water into the floor. To keep this issue fixed, all you have to do is pour lukewarm water all down the drain and then, utilize a wire or any other tool, move further to unclog the drain.

If this foremost solution doesn’t get your leaking issues fixed, you may require to go a step ahead. You just need to move further to unplug your refrigerator from the wall and place the defrost drain hose in the back of the service panel. The hose has a particular rubber valve that grabs debris and prevents clogging. You must disconnect the hose and clean the rubber valve with hot water and soap. Put it back after washing.

The second way is your refrigerator leaking water can be a faulty water supply line that is either frozen or clogged. Moreover, the leak may also cause your water dispenser or ice maker not to work properly. To fix this, the first thing you must do is cut the water supply, locate the leak due to a damaged or torn water line, and repair it or replace it.

2. Weird or Loud Refrigerator
This is also the most common refrigerator repair problem that is usually noticed or confronted by people. In this matter, the problem usually forms with listening to a noise that is different from the normal refrigerator functions. The noise which is usually burning to the ear usually arises if you have ice buildup. The evaporator fan then hits on the ice buildup always as it rotates about. In this issue, calling a professional to fix the issue is important, as it can be dangerous and can bring about an electrical shock.

Refrigerators consistently generate some level of noise, especially at times when they’re cycling. Yet, if you begin hearing weird and/or loud noise coming from your machine, there’s likely something wrong with it. Oftentimes, appliances start getting much louder when there’s an issue with one or more of their fans.

Also, fridges usually get noisy if they’re jerking too much due to loose parts. For example, condenser coils, compressor tubing, or rollers can come loose. If you detect any unrestricted parts that seem loose, tighten them up with a wrench or screwdriver, and check the feet on the unit to assure it’s sitting evenly on the floor. If it’s not, this can drive the appliance to drag about too much and make noise.

3. Frost Buildup in the Ice Dispenser
This is another most confronted problem with a fairly uncomplicated fix. For ice to drop from your ice dispenser, it requires being capable to open and close. This door that opens and closes letting ice fall is called a damper door. The damper door is lined with a material that locks against the ice shoot and creates an airtight seal. If this material on the door is distorted or unclean, it might not be able to seal tightly, permitting damp air to enter the freezer container. When this air cools down, it turns into frost pushing airflow issues and cooling problems. If you experience this problem, simply check and fix the damper door for anything that may be driving air to leak through. It may be a matter of simply cleaning up the dirt or you may require to buy a replacement part.

These are but a handful of the common refrigerator problems you may encounter. If your fridge is giving you trouble, refrigerator repair services Toronto delivers superior refrigerator repair services. We’ll be capable to help you find the source of the problem and get your fridge in good functioning order again as soon as possible. Contact us today for more details about how we can help you with your refrigerator repairs!

Myths About Most Common Refrigerator

Myth 1:  The Shelf/Brackets Does Not Matter

Individuals believe there is no particular order when it comes to keeping food. You can place any food on the top and the bottom shelves. Yet, this is a myth. The right order is to store the foods which do not spoil on the top shelves and the remains on the bottom. Meat should always be kept on the bottom shelves.

Myth 2: Freezing Batteries is Fine

When it comes to the batteries of the fridge, individuals think myths about them too. But the appliances professionals consider there is no such thing. One of these myths is that batteries should be frozen as it supports maintaining their life. Nevertheless, this is not useful and is just a fallacy prevailing among the groups.

Myth 3: Baking Soda Soaks and Smells in Refrigerator

Baking soda has been seen to have the capacity to soak bad odours and sterile countertops well. It’s very ordinary to put some inside the refrigerator to reduce the nasty smells a bit. Rather than baking soda, using activated charcoal is the most suitable option to get rid of bad odours. Activated charcoal can absorb odour more virtually and efficiently since it has a larger surface area as compared to baking soda.

Myth 4: You Can Freeze Any Food Inside

We notice people keeping most of the edibles and food items in their freezers. But a myriad of people does not know there are some vegetables, fruits and other edibles which must be avoided. Foods which are prosperous in water like watermelon should not be kept for more than a few hours. Eggs should also be kept for a few hours and not for 3-4 days. You should look into food protection approaches whether you are a homeowner or run a cafe.

Myth 5: Do not Replace the Water Filter

Many latest freezers come with water dispensers and frost makers. A lot of users think there is no requirement to replace or transform the water filter as it stays permanently. While refrigerator repair professionals claim that the filters should be changed. They say the filters fail their efficiency over time and will not filter out the contaminants after use. So they should be replaced regularly.

Myth 6: Only The Interior Of The Refrigerator Requires Cleaning

Cleaning the outside is more important to the life of your fridge, especially the condenser coils. Everyone should clean the dust off of the coils once or twice a year. The latest models manage to have the condensers on the base, which can make them rigid to get to. The solution: a refrigerator brush that’s specifically designed for cleaning your fridge’s coils.

Myth 7: All Refrigerator Repair Services Are Too Bulky

A refrigerator may encounter various problems that need varying services. Believe it or not, all refrigerator repair services are not that bulky. Also, the solution can be as simple as replacing a rubber gasket on the door. Additionally, the service relies on the fridge’s model, lifespan, and freezing element. A defective compressor, for example, might be weighty on your purses.

Many groundless myths are associated with refrigerators and their storage. So, debunk all of this misinformation and handle its maintenance seriously. Keep checking the rubber and the temperature inside the refrigerator. Try to sidestep storing leftovers for 5-6 days. Furthermore, store the items according to the temperature and go for reliable services when required.

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